SuperDEX Airdrop Schedule#2 (Snapshot Session)

3 min readMay 25, 2023

Hello, Dexlab Community,

It has been a while since our last Initial Form Submission notice. How are you all coping with the current market conditions? Dexlab is working tirelessly, 24/7, to prepare and develop our journey toward multi-chain integration.

For those who may have missed the latest Dexlab development news, we have updated a quick tutorial on how to use SuperTools in the Dexlab Gitbook. You can find the announcement here, and access the Gitbook through this link. Additionally, Dexlab is accelerating the development of an XPLA-based wallet service. Unlike other existing XPLA-based wallets, the upcoming XPLA mainnet wallet service developed by Dexlab will allow for NFTs to be shown directly from the wallet. Having seen the mockup design, I am personally very excited about this upcoming wallet service!

The Initial Form Submission period ended on May 21st, and we hope everyone submitted the form on time. As previously announced, additional applications are not accepted. During the review of the submitted questionnaires, we found that several abusers and robots had participated. In order to address this, we will be conducting multiple snapshots to identify and exclude such entries. It was also noted that some users provided pin codes with more than 4 digits, and some submitted ETH wallet addresses instead of the requested ‘Solana’ wallet address holding the $DXL token. All responses containing incorrect information will be deleted.

Now, let’s briefly explain the Snapshot process.

Snapshots will be taken till the new token airdrop claiming starts, intermittently, without disclosing the detailed schedule to prevent potential abuses and token price fluctuations of $DXL. After the final snapshot, the specific time of the snapshot, the amount of $DXL tokens held, and the wallet address will all be disclosed, ensuring transparency and relieving any concerns.

Lastly, I would like to reiterate the overall plan for the Airdrop:

  • Initial form submission (Done)
  • Snapshot (In progress)
  • XPLA wallet creation
  • Second form submission
  • Airdrop

Next on the schedule is the XPLA wallet creation. As previously announced, Dexlab will provide an XPLA wallet creation page on our website, along with a tutorial on the Gitbook page. Rest assured, we will also announce this step through Dexlab Medium and Twitter, so you don’t have to worry.

That concludes this article.

Please stay tuned to the official Dexlab Twitter, Telegram, and Discord announcements for updates. Please note that Dexlab will never DM you first, and impersonators should not be contacted. We will not be responding to questions regarding the information provided in this Medium article to avoid confusion. As mentioned earlier, the new token’s name, token address, and vesting schedules are not disclosed anywhere, and they will only be made public through an official announcement. Always refer to the announcements made on our official SNS channels!

Best Regards,


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