Vanta Wallet Public Launching

4 min readNov 9, 2023


Good Day, Dexlab community.

Glad to see you in the Medium again. I hope you having a great day recently. The $BTC price upward trend has been fueled by recent macroeconomic data releases and expectations of the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF. So $BTC rebounded last Thursday, with its price hitting a 17-month high (Note that it is not a financial comment, just market status sharing).

In terms of our side, much has been going on with building a multichain system on Dexlab beyond the Solana chain. So we would like to share new updates on what we have done recently following the latest developmental strides (If you are unfamiliar with this sentence, please check this Twitter link).

The Vanta Wallet, which is an XPLA chain wallet, internal testing has recently made a period so the public version is now published on the Chrome extension.

❇️ You can meet the Vanta Wallet powered by Dexlab over here:

❇️ and the Vanta Wallet landing page:

Vanta Wallet will be taking XPLA chain users on a journey of XPLA chain token portfolio that can manage your various XPLA game tokens easily on Chrome extension.

Now let’s dive into the Vanta wallet with the real in-app screen capture.

Main Screen

  • This is the main screen you encounter after creating the wallet.
  • You also can import your existing XPLA wallet with the private key.
  • Load your token by clicking on the ‘Manage token list’ button.

Activity Screen

  • You can check the token sending and receiving history on the activity tab.
  • This is an extraordinary function that Vanta Wallet supports.

NFT View Screen

  • You can manage and see your XPLA chain NFT in the NFT Viewer tab.

Import Existing Wallet

  • You can import your existing XPLA wallet on the Vanta Wallet.
  • Make sure to select the type of importing before typing the private key.
  • If you were using the ‘XPLA Vault wallet’ extension, please select the ‘Xpla Vault private key’ type to connect.

Create Wallet

  • Creating a wallet is available.
  • Be sure to copy and paste the Seed Phrase while creating the wallet.
  • Confirm whether you saved your seed phrase correctly.

Future Plan

🔹 For now, it only provides the XPLA chain but will provide various chain connections day by day with the development.

🔹The DApp browser function is being developed too.

🔹Sending and Receiving tokens are available right now and SWAP will be plugged in soon.

Thanks for reading out here. We will be sharing the development status step by step when we have a procedure. As a reminder, we’ll never initiate DMs, and please avoid contacting impersonators. For inquiries about the information in this Medium article, refer to our official SNS channels. New token details will only be released through an official announcement.

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