SuperDEX Airdrop Schedule #1 (Initial Form Submission Plan)

3 min readApr 14, 2023

Greeting Dexlab community!

We are thrilled to share our plans for building a multi-chain system by launching the DEX on the XPLA ecosystem. In our previous Medium article, we briefly mentioned our new token issuance plan, and if you want to learn more about our future plans, please refer to this link.

So, the first schedule for the new token issuance is that users need to submit the form for the airdrop. The form link will be available in a week on Dexlab’s official Twitter in the Google form format. Here is a brief schedule for the new token issuance plan:

  • Initial form submission (April): Interested users must submit the form to receive an airdrop of the new token.
  • Snapshot (June): A snapshot of the $DXL token holders’ wallet will be taken, and users must transfer their $DXL from other networks to the Solana wallet to participate. Snapshots occur randomly 3 times during a fixed period and are based on the quantity you have in the final snapshot. After the final snapshot, all final snapshot results will be released. We do not disclose the exact time of the snapshot’s occurrence.
  • XPLA wallet creation (June — July): Dexlab provides an XPLA wallet creation page on their website, along with a tutorial on the gitbook page.
  • Second form submission (July — August): Users who want to receive the airdrop need to submit their XPLA wallet address on a form.
  • Airdrop: After the TGE, the SuperDEX token will be automatically transferred to the submitted XPLA wallet.

As so, we would like to recommend some actions to take before you submit the form. Please collect all your $DXL in your Solana wallet from other networks or exchanges which use other networks rather than Solana. The snapshot is only applied to the Solana wallet. In our assumption, some of the holders might have multiple wallets. Please check out the following cases.

Case 1:

If you want to submit the form only once, please collect all $DXL tokens in one wallet and submit the wallet address.

Case 2:

If your $DXL is scattered in 2 Solana wallets (for example), you need to submit the form twice with each wallet address. In this step, DO USE DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS when you submit the form. Duplicate emails will be excluded from the snapshot and airdrop event even if the form has been submitted.

The form will prompt users to provide their email address, the wallet address containing $DXL tokens, and a 4-digit pin code. The pin code will be used for cross-checking the information after the second form submission so set your PIN code to a number that is easy for you to remember. It is crucial to note that failure to submit this form in advance will result in exclusion from the airdrop event and snapshot.

We are pleased to announce that the SuperDEX development is currently underway and progressing smoothly according to our schedule. We are excited to share that the first product of the SuperDEX, the SuperTools testnet, is now open to the public. The SuperTools service offers functionality similar to Dexlab’s Mintinglab, enabling users to easily mint, issue, and manage tokens through an intuitive graphical user interface.

Stay tuned for the form link, which will be available soon on Dexlab’s official Twitter. We look forward to your participation in our new token issuance plan.

Best Regards,


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