SuperDEX Airdrop Schedule #1 (Initial Form Submission Just Started)

3 min readApr 21, 2023


Good evening Dexlab community.

We are glad to start the first journey of the SuperDEX new token airdrop event, which is the initial form submission. Before narrowing down the details of the form submission process, let me give a small introduction to the SuperDEX development status.

SuperDEX development is currently underway and progressing smoothly according to our schedule. Now we launched the mainnet of the SuperTools, which is a service that offers functionality similar to Dexlab’s Mintinglab, enabling users to easily mint, issue, and manage tokens through an intuitive graphical user interface. Please check out the mainnet SuperTools on the attached link.

We are pleased to announce the upcoming expansion of the $DXL token utility on Dexlab’s Mintinglab and SWAP Pool (currently under development). The Mintinglab is Dexlab’s flagship product, allowing users to create their own tokens without the need for coding expertise. As part of our efforts to enhance Mintinglab’s functionality and integration with Dexlab, the $DXL token will be utilized for minting tokens on the platform. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting utility expansion.

Initial Form Submission


Before submitting the form, please ensure all your $DXL tokens are collected in your Solana wallet as the snapshot is only applied to the Solana wallet. In case you have multiple wallets, please check the following cases to avoid exclusion from the snapshot and airdrop event even after submitting the form. Duplicate emails will be excluded from the snapshot and airdrop event even if the form has been submitted.

1️⃣ Case 1:

If you want to submit the form only once, please collect all $DXL tokens in one wallet and submit the wallet address.

2️⃣ Case 2:

If your $DXL is scattered in 2 Solana wallets (for example), you need to submit the form twice with each wallet address. In this step, DO USE DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS when you submit the form.

📌 Form Link:

✔️ Email address

: Please ensure that the email address used to submit the form is the same one used for login.

✔️ Wallet address containing $DXL tokens

✔️ 4-digit pin code

: The pin code will be used for cross-checking the information after the second form submission so set your PIN code to a number that is easy for you to remember.

📆 Submission date: April 21st — May 21st 09:00 UTC (1 month).

: It is crucial to note that failure to submit this form in advance will result in exclusion from the airdrop event and snapshot. To ensure successful submission, kindly submit the form within the designated period, as no additional applications will be accepted outside of the given period.

Please stay tuned to the Dexlab Twitter, Telegram, and Discord announcements for official updates. Do not contact anyone who DMs you first by impersonating Dexlab’s name because we do not DM first. We will not be answering questions about what is described in this medium article to prevent confusion. As mentioned above, the new token’s name, token address, or vesting schedules are not disclosed anywhere and those will not be opened to the public before we give an official announcement. Always keep your head up to the announcement we made on official SNS channels!

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