Quarterly Report of Dexlab (Nov~Feb)

3 min readMar 3, 2023


Hello, Dexlab community!

We hope you’re doing well and staying warm during this winter season. It’s been a while since we’ve shared an update on our 2023 roadmap here on Medium, so we wanted to take a moment to catch you up on our recent progress. While the crypto winter may be thawing, our team has been hard at work building and maintaining the Dexlab project.

We know that many of you have been curious about what we’ve been up to lately, so we’re excited to share our Quarterly Report with you. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the past few months, sharing updates on the development of Dexlab from November to February. Our goal is to be transparent and keep you informed, so you can trust that we’re working hard to deliver the best possible product for our community.

🍁 2022 November

  • Since there is no idea who is in the entity authority of the @ProjectSerum DEX contract, Dexlab closed the Serum DEX trading for a while and opened #OpenBookDEX on the SWAP products. This OpenBook SWAP is the Serum forked-based service provided by Dexlab.
  • As a result, the Dexlab Staking service (Season 1) was also affected as it was affiliated with the Serum staking pool and had to be closed. However, we are working on reopening the staking service soon to benefit the community, and we will announce it through our official SNS channels, so stay tuned.

☃️ 2022 December

  • The official announcement addresses some concerns that have been circulating within the community. Firstly, we have noticed some selling pressure in the chart after the unstaking process. We want to assure you that none of the team tokens, even a single one, have been sold on the market. Secondly, we are excited to let you know that our Wallet service is almost ready for release. We are currently in the final stages of development and testing, and we can’t wait for you to try it out. Lastly, we want to reassure the community that we are not skipping any steps on our roadmap. We are committed to delivering on our promises and are working hard to achieve our goals.
  • The announcement about the 2023 roadmap status, is that the prepared roadmap draft version is being slightly revised as the #Solana network’s malfunctioning. Also, we announced that the new version of the Dexlab roadmap would be updated via SNS channels so stay tuned.
  • We provided the solution for Serum DEX usage since the users are struggling with settling the balance and canceling the open orders. The short tutorial was provided on Dexlab’s gitbook page using the ‘Market Cranking’ method. Dexlab is always hearing the communities’ voices to help.
  • Hold #WalkMining Pre-Beta event on Dexlab launchpad. Anyone, without limit, could participate in this lottery event users can try out for their luck on selecting the winning 4 lottery numbers. In the end, Dexlab sealed the deal with the WalkMining team to give an #airdrop to all Pre-Beta event participants.

❄️ 2023 January

  • The Openbook DEX was upgraded under maintenance and development. $DXL tokens are alive again for trade on the OpenBook DEX. To comfort the existing users, the Serum-based DEX trading page is still in service here.
  • As the Mintinglab users skyrocketed up to 800% compared to the last month, we updated the Mintinglab tutorial part on the Gitbook page to make users use Mintinglab with ease.
  • Dexlab presented a new @JupiterExchange limit order system plug-in. It’s a SWAP integrated #limitorder trading method that able users to place an order at a certain price.

🍀 2023 February

  • Dexlab participated as an initial validator on the XPLA ecosystem, which is the one-step milestone for broadening the project to the multi-chain world.

We, the Dexlab team, would like to express our gratitude for your unwavering support, even as our roadmap schedule has been delayed. We know that there is a great deal of anticipation for Dexlab’s future, and we are committed to meeting the community’s expectations. We apologize for the long wait, but we assure you that the fruit will be juicier than ever before.

We also have some exciting news to share with you after a long time, so please stay tuned! Thank you again for your limitless support.

Best regards,

The Dexlab team.




Dexlab makes launching on Solana easy with a token minting lab, a launchpad and a dedicated DEX for all listings.