Mintinglab V2 Update! Easier, Faster, and Simpler

2 min readMay 3, 2022

Hello, Dexlab Community!

We are extremely excited to announce that our ‘MintingLab’ service has been completely updated and is now live on the Dexlab platform.

The new MintingLab feature provides a much easier and simpler way for Dexlab users to create their own token.

Solana Wallet Implementation

  • For those who had used MintingLab before, it was inconvenient in that you had to create and use a separate deposit wallet. However, it is now much simpler as you can issue tokens and pay commissions from any of your existing Solana wallets!
  • Since the Minting Lab site is fully integrated into the Dexlab platform, token issuance and management within the Dexlab platform are made easy without any hassles.

You can create and issue your own SPL Token.

If you go on to the ‘My Tokens’ tab, you can see your own token on the ‘My Tokens’ list below.

On the ‘Solana Tokens’ tab, you can see all the tokens that are registered on the Solana token-list.

With MintingLab, you can issue, list, and manage your own SPL token without a difficult coding process. There are over 10K Minting Lab users currently and the number of tokens that users issued in MintingLab have surpassed 11K.

Now let’s take a look at how Minting Lab has changed 👉🏻

Looking for a tutorial? 👉🏻

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