Introduction of Dexlab BUIDL Grant Program

3 min readFeb 6, 2024


Dexlab BUIDL Grant Program

Good day, Dexlab community.

As #SOLSUMMER memories linger in winter, the Solana ecosystem is witnessing notable expansion. The recent surge in meme tokens has undeniably impacted the Solana landscape, and could it be said that Dexlab Mintinglab played a part in this intriguing market scenario?

Highlighting a significant Dexlab milestone,

  1. The tokens issued through Mintinglab have surpassed an impressive 95k
  2. Reflecting a remarkable surge of over 5,600% in the number of wallets utilizing Mintinglab since October
  3. Dexlab Pool service V3 just launched, TVL increased 330% in only 48 hours

This marks a milestone and underscores the impactful journey of Dexlab within the Solana ecosystem. 🚀

To support this prolonged impact of Mintinglab, we decided to make a brand new Dexlab BUIDL Grant Program. Not only to expand the rewards program in various ways but also to repay the community that believes in and supports Dexlab. Projects interested in this program should read the details below and benefit from a grant of a total 100 $SOL through Dexlab!

Now, let’s check out the details of it.


🔹 Purpose: Empowering Mintinglab and Dexlab LP pool service. Grantees contribute to the long-term utility of the SOL Chain as recognized builders

🔹 How: Providing funding to bridge the Solana ecosystem and users

🔹 Grant: Total of 100 $SOL to each token/project, ranging from 0.1 $SOL to 10 $SOL determined on conditions satisfied. Grant amounts are subject to the ‘grant program review’ in the order of application form (FCFS)

🔺 Who Should Apply

  • Token/Project with a pool on Dexlab
  • Total token holders: Over 500
  • Submission of at least 1 Litepaper or tokenomics
  • Mandatory: Website or Twitter
  • Freeze authority

🔺 Conditions

🔺 Schedule

📅 Apply: Open for a certain period from the announcement date

🔍 Evaluation: A thorough assessment process begins immediately after the application period ends

📨 Decision: Successful applicants will be notified via email with additional details (If there is no reply, grant cannot be received)

🎁 Payments: Grants will be distributed early next month

⚠️ Notice

  • Participation in the grant program is entirely optional
  • The total grant amount may vary by season
  • Conditions are subject to updates based on program progress
  • If there are lots of projects that have met all conditions, priority will be given in the order of application form (FCFS)
  • If there are no tokens/projects that meet the selection conditions, notification will not be made.
  • Token/Project can choose to get a Grant whether in the token authority wallet or the pool liquidity
  • Tokens/projects with the same issuer cannot submit duplicate applications. Duplicate applications will be deleted without notice upon confirmation during the token issuer inspection
  • If you impersonate or steal another token/project, delete the application without notice

👉🏻 Firstly we are starting this program to empower Dexlab LP pool launching. Hence, it goes with small steps related to the Mintinglab and LP pool but will broaden the categories of the grant program along with the Dexlab service expansion.

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us through our official social media channels.

Stay up to date with the latest #Solana projects launching through Dexlab, and make sure you don’t miss out on any new tokens by following us on Twitter or joining our Telegram group!

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