Honeyland Initial DEX Offering

8 min readMar 3, 2023

GM Dexlab community!

We are glad to announce the upcoming IDO after a long time since Moonfrost.

Dexlab presents Honeyland as an upcoming IDO project. We hope launching Honeyland IDO on Dexlab makes Dexlab users’ experience sweeter than before 🍯.

What ‘deffo’ make Honeyland the hottest Play-and-Own project these days is that their 6,000 pieces of NFT collection sold out in 8 minutes on the #MagicEdens on December 24th 🎉. This result is soooo notable because first, NFT’s tidal wave is relatively subdued compared to before, and second, the sale was held in the crypto winter season. Moreover, Honeyland has its own NFT Explorer APP in the stores too. The alpha version of the Honeyland Game can be downloaded and played here: (https://guide.honey.land/) Dexlab and Honeyland have been partners since 2022, and we’ve been working together to build up the IDO process. So, you could say this initial DEX Offering event has been 2 years in the making! 🙌🏻

Okay, enough with the special status of the Honeyland, let’s head up to the Honeyland introduction and the IDO event details.

🍯 What is Honeyland?

Honeyland is a fun-first, play-and-own casual strategy mobile game from Hexagon Studios.AAA play and owns a casual-strategy game for Android/iOS with a simple onboarding experience and partnership with Samsung to 500,000 downloads in the next 6 months. Play α version: https://guide.honey.land. Honeyland is a fun-first, play-and-own casual strategy game from Hexagon Studios.

The Honeyland ecosystem of mobile games begins with Honeyland and will be followed by 8 more casual games with solo, PvP, and tournament play in 2023. All are powered by a single deflationary token ($HXD), with Honeyland being the core token-emitting game.

Players of Honeyland build their colony of bees to send them out to harvest Honey ($HXD) or hunt in-game consumable NFTs like power-ups, defensive items, or even playable characters.

They can also risk their own $HXD to attack other players’ hives in an intense auto-battler loop.

Our belief is that in order for web3 games to succeed, they need these three things:

1) Insanely fun to play

2) Ownership that creates value

3) Sustainable Economy

Honeyland proudly holds the esteemed Verified By Machinations seal, the gold standard in healthy game economics that verifies we have created a balanced, sustainable, and unexploitable economy.

🪛 Features?

💰 Economy & Token Utility

Honeyland is completely free-to-play. Players start with 9 bee’s that cannot be sold, traded or bred, but can be used to earn $HXD and items in game. They can spend their $HXD in game to upgrade their bees utility or cosmetics in the lab and our marketplace and use it to enter tournaments or play other games in the Honeyverse.

Players that want to transfer some of their $HXD out of the game and onto the blockchain will need to upgrade to our Beemium plan for $30 USDC, all proceeds from that get put directly back into player rewards.

Extracting $HXD out of the game will trigger a withdrawal tax that gets lower the more VIP rewards you earn throughout the course of game-play and by staking your assets.

The full list of VIP activities and rewards can be viewed here at https://honey.land/vip/

Get an inside look at how we are looking at tokenomics for web3 gaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC0-TGcZz8M

We are obsessed with providing utility to $HXD in three fundamental areas of people’s lives:

  • Brings happiness — owning our token brings you happiness by playing the game, improving in the game, and playing and competing in all of the upcoming games and tournaments in the Honeyverse.
  • Provides utility — Our token is used or redeemed for something that provides you value; In-game tools and functionality, NFTs, or even in real-life utility such as unlocking private events or buying merchandise.
  • It creates more value — use our token to breed, level up your characters, buy more land, compete in tournaments, or many other ways that can help you earn more tokens, build stronger community relationships, and enhance gameplay.

The Honeyland token has a fixed supply and utility our players love.

If you still have any questions about $HXD tokens, please visit this YouTube playlist of $HXD FAQ, which Corey (CEO of Honeyland) explains one-on-one with videos.

👥 Team

  • Corey Wright — Accomplished SAAS and D2C e-commerce entrepreneur, Former MBA professor, and business coach.
  • Apoorv Soni — Mobile advertising technology expertise, building scalable ad platforms to handle billions of ad requests daily driving millions of installs for mobile games and brands.
  • Brendan Raftery — Entrepreneur with a rich history in entertainment and Hollywood, working with bands like Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Kenny Chesney, and more.
  • Justin Barr — Mobile advertising entrepreneur, specializing in user acquisition and technology that yielded millions of app downloads for clients like King.com, Machine Zone, Gree, and many more. The Founders have a proven track record in building and scaling web2 businesses.

The Founders have a proven track record in building and scaling web2 businesses and have been executing and delivering on Honeyland since November 2021.

🛣️ Traction

  • $1m in pre-game revenue through NFT sales throughout the bear market.
  • The most recent mint in December 2022 sold out 6,000 NFTs on Magic Eden in 7 minutes.
  • Playable alpha launched in November with over 4,500 wallets connected.
  • Partnership with Samsung in place to get 500,000 game downloads over the next 6 months minimum.
  • Verified by Machinations game economy audit completed. Read the full 103-page report here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wTknRiKTVSiM5Xg8dM9cswz-jtXpLg7z/view?usp=sharing
  • Launched HiveMind v1 web app in early March 2023 that enhances gameplay by creating a desktop companion to the mobile game for players to strategize, analyze, manage, and stake their Honeyland assets.
  • Launched Honeyland NFT Explorer iOS/Android app with custom rarity and ranking scores for all our NFT collections.

Partnership with Solana Mobile to be featured in the Solana Saga dApp store.

🗺️ Roadmap

Q1: Launch

  • February: HiveMind Launched
  • March: IDO
  • March: Public Game Launch

Q2: Optimize

  • Focus on initial UA
  • Launch rental marketplace
  • Launch 3 Honeyverse games
  • Launch on Saga mobile

Q3: Grow

  • Focus on targeted UA
  • Launch 1–2 more Honeyverse games

Q4: Scale

  • Focus on broadscale UA
  • Launch UGC marketplace
  • Launch 1–2 Honeyverse games

💪🏻 Investors&Backers

The project has several credible investors like Solana Ventures, Magic Ventures (Magic Eden), Big Brain Holdings (Sol Big Brain), and Justin Kan (Twitch. tv Founder). The project is advised by some of the top advisors like A J Yeakel from Zynga World’s Leading Game Development Company, Saurav, Global Head of Crypto Assets & Private Banking at Standard Chartered Bank, Mike Vorhaus Gaming Industry Advisor, Board of Directors at Perion, Altimar Acquisitions (NYSE) and PopReach (TSE), Frequent guest on Bloomberg TV, a Forbes.com contributor. Michael Swan VP at Goldman Sachs etc.

🕹️ How We Scale to Millions of Players

Our user-acquisition team has been building, launching, and optimizing mobile app campaigns for some of the largest games and brands in the world for over a decade.

Our expertise and relationships in user acquisition give us an unfair advantage over every other web3 game out there.

We know how to use paid ads to bring in players at scale. We have relationships at every major ad network and most major OEMs to help us onboard web2 players worldwide.

Samsung is the first OEM to be announced to help us onboard hundreds of thousands of players this year, and we’re in talks with multiple other OEMs.

We’re currently developing a proprietary web3 user-acquisition analytics software to give us an even further edge over every other game. We’re tracking from ad click to blockchain transaction to accurately measure ad spend and ARPDAU/LTV in web3 across any channel.

💱 Tokenomics

📎 Links

Initial DEX Offering Details

⏰ Timeline

  • Whitelist: 3/6 12:00 UTC — 3/8 12:00 UTC (2 days)
  • Winner Announcement: 3/9 12:00 UTC
  • #IDO Sale: 3/10 12:00 UTC — 3/12 12:00 UTC (2 days)
  • Vesting Schedule: 3/16 25%, 4/16 25%, 5/16 25%, and 6/16 25%
  • DEX Listing: 3/16 Raydium

📒 Details of Token

  • Token Name: HONEY
  • Ticker: $HXD
  • Pairing: HXD/USDC
  • IDO Price: $0.035
  • Total raising on Dexlab: 100,000 USDC
  • Personal Cap: $50 for lottery pool, guaranteed spot for Honeyland NFT holders.
  • Initial Circulating Supply Day 1: $125,000 + Liquidity Pool
  • FDV (Fully Diluted Value) Day 1: $35,000,000
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $HXD

🚀 Brief Future Event Plan

  • March 17th: Land Sale (game feature) open for Genesis NFT holders.
  • March 23rd: $HXD token #airdrop for incubating & alpha.

👩🏻‍🏫 The #Whitelisting Method on Dexlab

It is well-known to the Dexlab community that Dexlab stakers get a guaranteed spot for the IDO sale. Dexlab staking is affiliated with ProjectSerum by supporting the Serum-based staking pool. However, as we cannot fully convince who is an entity the according to contract now, we decided to hold up the Dexlab staking service from November. If you want to see the full announcement of the staking service closure, please check here.

Since the staking season 1 has ended, Dexlab IDO will be held in a lottery pool + guaranteed spot for Honeyland’s Genesis NFT holders. Dexlab will gather the information of Honeyland’s NFT holders from the project and guarantee the spot for the whitelist. If you are the one who holds Genesis NFT, please fill out this form to verify yourself.

👀 Step by Step Whitelisting Process

Note that we all check the SNS missions so do not cheat on yourself! Your Twitter account should be a public account.

  1. Honeyland’s Twitter mission
  • Follow Honeyland’s Twitter account
  • QT (quote tweet) the Dexlab’s IDO ANN tweet on Honeyland’s Twitter
  • In QT, tag 2 friends
  • In QT, add #Dexlab #Honeyland $DXL $HXD #IDO #whitelist
  • Type down your QT URL link on the Dexlab whitelist form

2. Dexlab’s Twitter mission

  • Follow Dexlab’s Twitter account.
  • QT (quote tweet) the Honeyland IDO ANN tweet
  • In QT, tag 2 friends
  • In QT, add #Dexlab #Honeyland $DXL $HXD #IDO #whitelist
  • Type down your QT URL link on the Dexlab whitelist form

3. Honeyland’s Discord mission

  • Join the server

4. Dexlab’s Telegram mission

  • Enter your Telegram ID with ‘@.’

5. Comply with the Terms and Conditions set forth by us

  • The following information will be needed to complete this application
  • SPL address, Telegram ID, and Public Twitter account

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