Dexlab V3 Pool launch: A non-stop highway for starting your token on DEX

3 min readFeb 5, 2024

Good Day, Dexlab Community

🌊 The Liquidity Pool service is now live on Dexlab!

Now we can say, that Dexlab is a Solana-based DEX featuring an automated market maker (AMM)-driven pool service for fast transactions and shared liquidity. Alongside staking and an IDO launchpad, Dexlab offers a seamless non-stop highway from token minting to pool creation.

Approximately 35,000 new tokens are minted monthly through Mintinglab.

This major achievement means Mintinglab users can mint tokens and create a pool in just 5 minutes, paving the expressway for launching your Solana token project. Now, you can become a liquidity provider on Dexlab by depositing assets into a pool and facilitating SWAP trades on DEXs and AMMs.

What is the benefit of Dexlab Pool?

In short, Dexlab Pool creation benefits.

  1. No need to create an Openbook market ID
  2. No need to create a pool exiting from Dexlab
  3. Token2022 Pool creation is supported
  4. Direct highway from token minting to adding liquidity
  5. Able to apply for the Dexlab Grant Program (Be prepared to make a pool before we start the grant program!)

Let’s dive into the Dexlab liquidity pool journey with the following example.

Deep dive into Dexlab Pool UI

One of the most exciting aspects of opening the Dexlab Pool is that it reduces the fee burden on users. This is because when creating a pool with tokens minted in Mintinglab, there is no need to create a market ID! Now, you can freely mint tokens in Mintinglab and create a pool in Dexlab without incurring fees for market ID creation.

Adding liquidity to the existing pool is also available.

After creating a pool, you can immediately use the SWAP feature. Simply navigate to the SWAP tab and perform token swaps within the pool you’ve created.

If you want to promote your meme-coin/project, feel free to introduce your token on the Dexlab Discord channel:

To support this prolonged impact of V3 launching, we decided to make a brand new Dexlab BUIDL Grant Program. Not only to expand the rewards program in various ways but also to repay the community that believes in and supports Dexlab.

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us through our official social media channels.

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Dexlab makes launching on Solana easy with a token minting lab, a launchpad and a dedicated DEX for all listings.