Development Status Update of XPLA Ecosystem

2 min readOct 8, 2023

Good Day, Dexlab community.

We hope you’re having a great day with your loved ones. Dexlab is also preparing for the quietly coming bull market which will happen suddenly, as always crypto market did. As we venture further into the XPLA ecosystem, we’re dedicated to enhancing its infrastructure. Here’s what we’ve been up to in terms of development:

SuperTools 🛠️

  1. After onboarding on the XPLA, ‘token/NFT issuance’ and ‘contract uploading and execution’ functions are provided.
  2. Airdrop claiming progress is in connection with WalkMining service.
  3. UI improvement development is in progress.

SuperDEX 🚀

  1. Developing an interface to provide liquidity through token swap and pool functions on the XPLA chain.

Vanta Wallet (for XPLA chain) 💼

  1. Development is completed and internal testing is in progress (with SuperDEX).
  2. If you have not heard of the Vanta Wallet service before, please check out this announcement.
  3. The greatest pro that we are proud of Vanta Wallet is that this wallet provides the showing NFT collection functions in the wallet.

New token issuance (the airdrop) 🎉

  1. The third snapshot has already been taken, and the fourth is scheduled for October.
  2. After the snapshot, the next step is creating an XPLA wallet on the Vanta Wallet service powered by Dexlab.

That’s the latest from Dexlab! As a reminder, we’ll never initiate DMs, and please avoid contacting impersonators. For inquiries about the information in this Medium article, refer to our official SNS channels. New token details will only be released through an official announcement.

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